Call for Papers

Co-located event: L@S and EMOOCs 2021 will be organized at the same location during the same week.

We plan to hold the event on site. Depending on how the corona situation develops until then, we reserve the right to hold the conference virtually or hybrid.

Digital Education in Times of Crisis

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been around for about ten years, starting from the university sector. The proclaimed goal: the “democratization of education”, the equalization of educational opportunities, especially in countries with limited opportunities.

Then things became a little quieter around the MOOCs, skeptics already suspected that it was merely a “flash in the pan”. In reality, the time of trial and error began, the phase of experimentation. In the meantime, the range extends from a complete online course to a customized course that trains special skills such as programming, which are in great demand on the job market. More and more people appreciate not being distracted or slowed down by other learners in the room and having virtually unlimited access to a huge library of learning materials. Some people learn and work more efficiently in the home office.

In which thematic and didactic direction will MOOCs develop? Will employees whose jobs require digital skills be better protected against the economic consequences of a pandemic? What benefits will the improved skills of online learners have for society as a whole?